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"Flashbacks" - Continuous or Intermittent?


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  1. 1. Duration of Symptoms

    • Last only a few seconds or minutes
    • Last hours or days
    • Last days or weeks at a time
    • Started as episodes but became continuous
    • Started continuous but have become episodic
    • Continuous
  2. 2. Progress of Symptoms

    • About the same
    • Got worse and since then have stayed the same
    • Got worse for a while (days, weeks, months, or years) then are slowly getting better
  3. 3. Variation of Symptoms

    • Usually the same
    • Vary with lighting
    • Vary with fatigue
    • Vary with anxiety
    • Vary with alcohol
    • Vary for no known reason

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There seems to be some confusion as to using the term "Flashback" with regard to HPPD.  For some, HPPD started suddenly days or weeks after drug use.  For other, symptoms gradually occurred and prgressed.  And for some, 'the trip never ended'.


Please participate in the poll so we can get an idea where members on the forum fit in.  Thank you.

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For me a flashback is a distinct, sudden feeling reminiscent to tripping. It is distinct from the day-to-day HPPD phenomena I experience. Whilst my day-to-day HPPD is reminiscent of tripping, or contains elements similar (only visually, really) to tripping.. it does not feel like I am actually tripping or on a trip. But a flashback, for me, does. I have had two episodes over a year ago after alcohol use, going to sleep, where I suddenly felt like I was tripping on acid, months/years after psychedelic use. That for me is entirely different to how I feel usually with HPPD. For me, HPPD is not a continuous flashback. 

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