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Visuals paradoxically worsening with abstinence from drugs??

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Hi all


Basically i have had what i consider mild hppd for a couple of years. My only real symptoms are pretty severe negative afterimages and visual snow. Anything i look at, as soon as i have seen it, instantly gives me a vibrant negative afterimage. Varies alot with lighting, constrast etc as you may expect.


Anyway, i continue to do drugs, taking mdma once every couple of months with no noticeable long term effects, and smoking a shit load of weed.


Recently ive decided i need to take a long break from smoking so much dope, since it has been getting to me alot, making me lazy as fuck and interefereing with my studies, giving me anxiety etc etc


So i have quit. The bizarre thing is, after 2 weeks of complete sobriety my afterimages are more noticeable than ever. They seem to be getting worse, after being stable for basically a year. I remember the last time i took a 6 week break from all drugs i noticed this effect too. Usually when im smoking weed my static/VS gets alot more noticeable and forms into patterns, but my afterimages are usually baseline wether im stoned or not. Now for the second time, my vs seems baseline but my afterimages are steadily getting more noticeable even though im not even taking anything! My afterimages are now well past the point where i can ignore them. It doesnt give me much anxiety really, but is getting really annoying and i am concerned that they are going to get to the point where i do start to find it debilitating. Wtf is going on??


Maybe i dont even have HPPD, but i just have palinopsia for some unrelated reason, and it is worsening by coincidence??  I guess i should get myself to a doctor, bu i just thought i would see if anyone has had similar experience?

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I Dont know what to tell you. That seems really strange. Maybe stay sober a little longer and see what happens? Last time you took a break and noticed this happening, did you see improvement as soon as you began smoking again?

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I dunno its hard to tell.... maybe not improvement but i stopped noticing it getting worse. Maybe its all just psychological or stress related as i have exams coming up. But my afterimages were the strongest ive ever seen last night... Yeah i intend to remain sober for a long stretch of time and see what happens to my symtpoms...

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