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Still trying for sinemet

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Drove an hour and a half to be told that these are hallucinations so for prescribed seroquel. I know AP are different but the ones I took made things worse. He said he wouldn't prescribe sinemet right away. Should I partake in being his test subject and take this and make things potentially worse or don't take them and call him saying they made things worse?

I sent a message to dr Abraham but since I'm sure he's quite busy and probably is annoyed by all the messages not expecting a reply

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Get. Off. The. Seroquel. ASAP.

Well that sounds encouraging lol. I haven't taken any of it yet but thinking from this post among many others not a good idea. I don't know what else to do though. I've tried numerous times just for like a trial of sinemet to no avail. I guess I'll wait until Monday and call him and raise hell

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Yes, politely inform him that his diagnosis is ignorant and he is seriously risking worsening your condition. You should be able to find plenty of evidence to support this.

I brought the research papers on sinemet among other things to go against AP but he seems set in his ways like most doctors are

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Sinemet is probably going to be useless to you. I'm sorry to dampen your spirits but it hurts that much more to get something new and expect it to work only to feel the same.


It might, it might not. I've had an unsuccessful trial with Keppra but it was definitely worth trying. I believe the results from the Abraham Sinemet/Tolcapone trial were that something like one third responded positively. Not great odds, but better than if you don't try it at all. But yeah, don't get your hopes up too high.

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