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My strange case

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Hi guys.

I do not notice  any of HPPD symptoms like you, except:

anxiety syndrome

light in dark room seems for me diffrent?

breathing walls






Normally my jaw is shaking whole day. EEG showed some anomalies. According to other labs my brain is not damaged.


When I concentrate my eyes on one point (I can't do this too long, tears come to my eyes, my pupils are growing, bloodshot eyes, I hear my brain )

I'm sure, that I notice auras around objects, visual snow, strange flavor( I felt it when I took the drug, I also felt fluids flowing down from my left temple ), CEV(as long as I concentrate on one point I notice CEVs and others more clearly) and probably others. I'm able to feel anxiety(definietly caused by drugs) after waking up. According to psychological test I lost insight on my emotions.



What do you think?


I was writing this topic an hour although my English is not so bad.




I will try high dose of klonopin as soon as I get prescription. if I'm so nervous that I don't realize it klono will help me.


Which of the symptoms klonopin reduces and to what extent?


That is my question for this moment.


I need your support guys, I don't remember when I last time felt good. I'm suffering very long. I was thinking about euthanasia. I even bought a cylinder of helium but I can't do this to my mother. I tried to live with that. I found a job but  I could not handle  in my condition. Somehow I started trade but it will not last too long.

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Hi again

Doc prescribed me alprazolanum and olanzapine(he never heard about hppd) . Did someone tried this antipsychotic drug, whether all of this kind of drugs are harmful in our case?


I forgot  about pulsation of my head and whole my body and tingling in feet. It's probably caused by nerves( autonomic part of my nervous system might be slipped out of the control because I feel it since I had strong anxiety attack) . I started benzo treatment from this day, will see what is going to happen after few days.


Did someone felt chemical aftertaste after years of suffering on hppd?

I felt  flowing down fluids from my left temple and this chemical aftertaste when I took a drug.

I have a feeling as if  visual symptoms of hppd are hidden for some reason.



Does any of you experienced this?


when I suspend my sight on the screen of the computer for short moment I can see it on the wall. What is the name of this symptom?



EDIT: Benzo helps me a lot, I'm able to do simple things in a shorter time(such as organize my mind to take towel, underwear and take a shower). Strong anxiety attacks are almost gone but rest of my symptoms remain at the same point. Besides sunny weather seems to have curative effect on hppd. I got klonopin from my friend, I will try it after alprazolamum treatment.

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I found this online.

"Bitter taste is caused by caused by anaerobic bacteria that live within our bodies. These bacteria can grow in number very quickly when given the right environment or food source thus causing a bad taste in mouth

You can fight against the metallic taste by having citrus juices, lemonade and foods marinated in vinegar. They not only break through the taste, but also help in saliva production that helps in washing away the metallic taste."

My advice is that the pulsating feeling and tingling could be anxiety related. The symptom you describe where you look at the computer screen and then at the wall and still see it is called an afterimage. The fact that you have visual snow, auras, cevs, and breathing walls makes me think this is most definitely hppd. Do not take the anti psychotics. They could potentially make you much worse. If the Benz helps short term, great. But you could end up with some more problems later down the road from benzo addiction if you continue to take them habitually.

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