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Obama's Brain Mapping Proposal


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In Obamas state of the union address in January, he stated that he wanted to map the entire human brain, similar in scope to the human genome project of the 90's. From what I've read, a plethora of scientists are going to be working on it from neuroscientists, to even scientists in the field of nanotechnology to develop with the neuroscientists new ways to read individual neurons and see how they communicate back and forth with one another on an individual scale. Now this is going to take many many years to complete this study if everything goes through, but imagine the impact its going to have, from the shear knowledge of how the brain functions, to bettering the understanding of problems that arise in the brain like Alzheimer's disease to depression, even HPPD in time. This is huge! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_Activity_Map_Project

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