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Any luck with Neurontin?


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I just got a script for this....help anyone? At what doses? I really would have liked to stay on Celexa but it was making static and after images far worse while seemingly improving my mood. What a sick irony....

Neurontin helps with mood if nothing else. Acouple or three time a day improves mood for several hppd people. It may make visuals slightly worse. You are to start at low doses. What is your prescription dose and hoe many times a day?

Also with neurontin it seems that you need more over time.

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Thanks Larry. The dosage is somewhat up in the air. I am fortunate to have a doctor who admittedly does not understand HPPD or visual static but believes that I have done a good deal of research and that I am not a "prescription seeker". So he has prescribed me Keppra, Klonopin (though I have told him I do not want to go down the benzo road again), Celexa (which, again, worked on my mood but totally amped my visuals) and now Neurontin. I have started taking 100mg around noon and 100mg at 10pm or so. So far it is completely exhausting (as was the case with Keppra). I have a script for 100mg capsules and 800mg tablets. I will keep everyone posted on this thread as to what it does. Several people on the visual snow forum have said this has helped. HPPD differs in some respects but the static may indeed come from the same neurological source whether it be 5ht-receptor site damage via head trauma, migraine etc...I will post weekly follow-ups.

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I think neurontin makes most people tired at first. But I think I got used to it soon after and went up slowly. As to the visuals, I have only heard it making it slightly worse in some cases and much worse in a few cases.

The counterintuitive issue with this is that it science wise probably should help hppd, due to gaba properties.

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