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seroquel antipsychotics


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anyone else on seroquel? ive been on it for 5 years now also diazepam to help me sleep...ive had hppd for 10 years now and only recently found out i have it...the doctors told me these symptoms are catagorised under skitzophrenia and antipsychotics are the meds usually prescribed for such a dissorder...

i was wondering if anyone has any advice on the best meds to treat hppd? and anyone has any experience with seroquel?

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Firstly they gave me risperidone, this amplified my symptoms and i stopped taking them. They then gave me amisulpride, that didnt go well either. Then seroquel, it was the better of the three.Once i got used to the side effects it doesnt seem so bad, although im really not sure how much good its doing me.

Basically...I've had all the usual symptoms at some time, apart from halos and starbursting. I've had this for a long time.

What happens to me is every now and again due to stress or overdoing it generally.I relapse, this is like having a bad trip but without taking anything.

Patterns merge and blur, thngs that are still sort of move, static vision, I feel uneasy/aggitated, very disturbed nights sleep which does cause me to get worse if it continues for too long, I get anxiety/panic especially if im in a place I feel I cant escape, my heart races sometimes, I get pressure to my head.

Over time these symptoms ease off and lessen leaving me with static, anxiety, disturbed sleep,slightly aggitated feeling things that are still move slightly mainly in my peripheral vision. There are other symptoms that ive missed out but these are my main symptoms right now. It doesnt feel like a bad trip as it does when I've relapsed, its kind of trippy feeling though.

My diagnosis from them was i probably had a drug induced phychosis but then after a period of time when my symptoms could no longer be directly linked to drug use they are catagorised under skitzophrenia. Thats why they gave me antiphychotics.

Admittedly I didnt help them with their diagnosis as I found it very hard to describe the mass of symptoms I was experiencing, it was only when i read about HPPD I learned to separate anxiety/ panic from my main dissorder.

I wonder really wheather I should continue taking seroquel and what the latest and more effective meds are for HPPD

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There was talk of me trying seroquel with my psychiatrist at the time who was totally out of her depth. It's like they can't compute you can have a drug induced disorder that doesn't include full on hallucinations/and or delusions. But my doctors more in my camp than any of the phychs I've seen who play it by the book. She said she might not known it was classed under 'hppd' till I told her (cos as you know it's not generally known/practiced in the uk) but she was aware of drug induced disorders like that which are resistant to treatment and don't necessarily mean your a schizo or have full on hallucinations/delusions. So she's been good with me. But its took a good few years to build Up a decent relationship with her where she doesnt think im just a mad hypochondriac. I've been on Prozac for 15 years, on clonazepam for 6 months which helps with the larger bouts of anxiety/dp/dr. Prozacs not very effective and I'm going to need a decent alternative soon but it keeps the wolf from the door in the depressive aspect of my condition. But like you say it's all linked in to stress and what your lifestyle/circumstances are like at the time.

I've found that writing my doc a letter allows me to get my points /feelings over ten times more detailed than face to face. Then you get there and just go with the letter so it's easier to get stuff out.

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