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Keppra experiences

John Smith

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I have. Initially (for an hour or so) it helped DR. There have been all sorts of effects. Unfortuately it is more trouble than benefit for me (so far). Even had very mild CEVs a couple times. Keppra messes up my memory. Oddly, hydrocodone improves my memory (opiates work with dopamine as well).

As I've had momentary help with DR with Imipramine (a tricyclic) as well, my current theory is that the effects are with acetylcholine. Keppra is a Racetam - a class of meds that "are understood to work by activating glutamate receptors that are colocalized with cholinergic receptors, thus increasing the frequency of activation of the latter" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racetam . I hope to try a more purely anticholergenic med in the near future to better isolate this theory. Also, there is a guy in DPSelfHelp.com (Kodie) who gets DR from Torrettes med and then takes an anticholergic med to fix the DR - been working for 20 years so, at least for some, DR is connected to dopamine/acetylcholine balance.

Since the balance/ratio of acetylcholine to dopamine is important with many functions (Parkinson's, Torrette's, dementia, ...) it would make sence that is has some effect on some member with HPPD. It certainly is worth trying.

I forgot ... have you ever tried anything that affects dopamine? And if so, how did it affect you? (Adderal, Sinemet, Requip, Wellbutrin increase dopamine. Serequel, thorzine, antipsychotics decrease dopamine).

Please let us know how it goes. Particularly if it changes the tingling you feel sometimes (look for it when you stop taking Keppra).

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