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Updated Web Site, New User -- Spam Killer


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From David Kozin:

The recent upgrades to the message board has converted the web site essentially into a gigantic social network platform. This is for the good and the bad. So, to take on the task of helping this site I have created this account operated by a non-HPPD member & very close trusted friend and supporter. They will be tasked with reviewing all reported incidents and either deleting posts/escalating or responding.

You can PM this account with specific concerns.

I will be looking for new moderators and choosing based on recommendations from Jay and others along with the amount of likes/posts/time and most importantly the board's general consent you are a positive member of the community. I type of moderation activities will range and will be explained in more detail (See upcoming post regarding my work towards e-Patient and a Society of Patient-Online-Professionals to create a better web site with content geared to create the change and help the community seeks).

So, you will see Spam_Killer around... doing what she does best. As always, all moderator actions are logged and complaints can be sent to me personally. However, this is an account to remove stupid nonsense posts and flagrant spam (selling sex toys and advising you that you are inherited 30Billion USD from a Nigerian Oil Mogul/etc...)

All my best...

David & Spam_Killer (AKA Zoey)

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