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Different Drugs i tested on LSD-HPPD


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So i just wanted to upload this, i got a fully detailed Text in German but i dont have the time to translate this right now so ill do this when i finished with all drugs i wanted to test, this is just REALLY SHORT fast explained, so you atleast have a bit of a direction what you could expect


Don´t take Drugs, I just do it because it helps me and i know how to live with it, but for most People this would be a longstretched suicude.

This is just what the drugs change to me, everyone reacts different as HPPD is always different too, so dont be pissed off if you read this and dont get same effects.

My HPPD considers:

Enhanced Colour, Light Sensitive

Visual Snow Low

Trailing doesnt sets in so fast anymore

Ghosting : was high but low now, the table moved into my direction at the beginning, now its even not moving, just


Kalaidoskopie : really rare, lets say 1 time a month when i look into patterns

Negative Afterimages : Often, especially thin lines cause me Afterimages

Framejump´s : Only when i dont smoke weed for days

Halo´s : often, it´s like low-glowing neon´s, mostly in mixxed Yellow-White,

defenately worsened after this experiments, persistant

Vertigo´s : The feeling of free Fall or sitting in a boat, only had this 2 Times now, and only since i have HPPD

Audio Enhancement : No, only at Amphetamines rarely and Kratom

Mikropsie-Makrospie : was the biggest problem for me at the beginning, now it´s s almost gone

No Depressions, Panic Attacks, or any emotional changes, my HPPD is only Visual.

Surely you feel trippy when you took a drug, but i can separate that from the HPPD´s "Cold-Feeling", nothing feels as uncomfortable as the LSD-Feeling, it´s cold and the surrounding has like a bit of "Pressure" on me, a really disgusting feeling, but mostly i only get this when i took other drugs or just have a really bad day.

Drugs :

I Smoke Weed every day and used the other drugs always on weekends.

i dont use one drug often in a row, only when i recieve it the first times to see what i can expect, if i liked it ill think twice about if i can use that longtermed, weed (+ edit: Kanna) is the only drug i consider to be acceptable for that, but only untill now.

My best expirience i had was with shrooms, i really feel great since i took them, like your personality has been fully rebuilt again, even if you hadnt any problems.


Alcohol : worsened, No difference in Bodyfeeling but Sightfield is moving only up and down like a Earthquake

MDMA, Pill: Not worsened, but after the trip a few days more Visual Snow.

MDMA, Crystals: De fenately worsened, Ghosting is unbelievable, Visual snow after the trip is more for some days.

mCPP: Intense Trailing/washy optics, so worsened

MDMC, Methylone: No Changes, After around 1g (Overdose) i got ugly blurring but not more

Speed: No changes, but i afterwards devoloped a 4-day long imsomnia, never felt as crazy as after that trip

2-CB, Meskalin-Rebuilt: Fuck off with this, unbeliavable Kalaidoskopia, i saw my friend like 30 times at the same time, sound disortions, heavy ghosting and trailing, the worst shit ive taken so far

Cocaine: A bit more Visual Snow,a little spacey cold feeling is in the background, defenately HPPD, after sleeping again back to normal

GHB: No Changes

Opioid Rebuilt´s (No brand sry), prescription by Doc: No changes

Promethazin, Phenothiazine: worsened, More Light-brigthness, a spacey feeling from the HPPD but warm, went after 4 days

Shrooms: Defenately worsened, i feeled exactly thrown back into my LSD trip, Heavy Kalaidoskopia at 2,5g, but after the trip i feeled "Full" again, still today

Kratom, Alkaloid: Ok for Short-Term use, absolutely fatal at Long-term consume, Visuals didnt worsened, but after 3 weeks i heared Voices when i tryed to sleep, almost 5 days after consuming, happily not persistant

Weed: While tripping and some days after i have more Visual Snow and ghosting, a spacey LSD feeling rushes me for seconds sometimes and wents off again, also have CEV´s when i smoke, when im not high i dont have CEV´s.

Tetrazepam, Benzo´s : Nothing, a day after use i had some buzzy "flashes" wich went immediately

Ketamine: Only some Visual Snow after the Trip, but that wents off after several days

Sceletium Tortuosa, Mesembrin: Less Visual Snow, also no aftereffects, this one is great for daily consume mixxed with Weed.

DXM, Dextromethorphanhydrobromid: Enhanced Colour at the morning after tripping, Microspia and Macropsia too, Visual Snow also was a bit more, but everything gone back to normal

Tramadol, Benzo´s: The day after ingesting i had a bit of headache, itching too, seems i am allergic to it

Melperon, Melperon Hydrochloride: The day after i still feeled trippy and defenately had a hangover, but it´s away after 2 days.

Leonoris Leonotus: Feel a bit distanced from my body, a light trippy feeling, maybe it´s the HPPD, i´m not sure

Blue Lotus: At high dosis i see a big white Square flickering when i close my eyes, my visual snow is completely fucked up, back to normal on the next day, stay away from this!

Dreamherb, Calea Zacatechichi: No changes, but i can confirm that this one really enhances dreaming.

Colanut: No Changes

Leonoris Sibiricus, (Bad quality,almost only Stems): No Changes

Wormwood: Feeling Trippy, Objects seem spacey, defenately HPPD, went completely after 2 days.

Searching for Ganja-Replacement: i combined Leonoris Leonotis, Sibiricus, Blue Lotus and Wormwood.

All in 1:1:1:1,

I defenately can say that this is fucking HPPD hard.....I had wave-movement in my Peripheric again (had this 2 weeks long after recieving HPPD, went then), Trailing was hard, Visual Snow was alot more, when closing my eyes i feeled Vertigo (Boat),enhanced colour and after smoking a normal Weed-head to it i seriously felt like on MDMA, had sweaty hands, dizziness, feeled the music.......At low doses it works great as a Replacement for me, but when dosing too high this gives you a real Trip.

Had a "Optical-Hangover", the next 2 days the trailing still was intense, colours have been enhanced, happily this went away on the 3rd day completely.

I will complete this when i finished with the original document, also will update this constantly and add new drugs i try.

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I'd lay off the trippy chemicals if I were you haha. Before I got HPPD I had only tried 3 different drugs...now it's up to like 16 haha and the only ones that really did any permanent weird stuff to me were ritalin and dxm (and of course weed, duh). One time I drank some poppy seed tea and ate 1 or 2 mg of klonopin (don't try it without someone else around you) and then when I smoked some pot my visual snow got really cool. I remember it was the only time I ever actually enjoyed visual snow, it looked like a plasma ball.

Promethazin, Phenothiazine: worsened, More Light-brigthness, a spacey feeling from the HPPD but warm

Is that stuff even psychoactive?

Also can you go more in depth about your kanna use?

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The Promethazine/phenotiatezine affects the 5ht2a receptor, its absolutely no psychedelic but i had the feeling id be tripping, the streetlights looked very bright and beautifull but thats not what i want so this is negative,......I´m using the Kanna since 3 weeks now everyday and i my visualsnow reduced really alot, it´s like only the refresshrate of the VS would be there.

After coming down my symptoms are back to basics and this since 3 weeks now so taking that is completely ok for me.....Only problem i have with it is mixxing it with other SSRIS or MAOIs, i took some Tetrazepam and MDMA to it, the benzos didnt affected me but after taking MDMA (FUCKING STUPID) i noted a really smooth serotoninsyndrome, some sweatingrushs but not more....so i defenately wont combine that again.....ABout DXm, i went to the Pharmatic and bought some Ratiopharm DextromethorphanHydrobromid in 30mg-pills, heared that it can shoot you into a half delerium, im going to test this today with a friend, i will take 13 pills a 30mg so 13x30:65 = 6mg/1Kg, thats the 2nd Plateu, lets see what that will bring :D

I had 1 DXM Trip with 10 pills but before i reached the second plateu i slept in :(


Just came down tonight, DXM is one crazy stuff...My Visual Snow is more right now ghosting is also bad, micropsia and macropsia but else everyithing ok....and im feeling a bit shitty too ....but that was one fucking awesome trip, took 14 in total, 10 at first and 4 around 12 hours later, drunk also alcohol to it, fucking amazing, the time doesnt passes by it felt like weeks, and the movement is so funny you feel like thousand tons....and forget about your memory, this must fry the brain really hard i think....its funny anyways..

Edit: Feeling good today so im going to add DXM

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