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Important Announcement: Please Participate In This Study On HPPD


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I would like to start by thanking David Kozin for his work on HPPD and for keeping this site open as a resource and as a community for people with this rare disorder.

There is some very exciting news to report. There is now a survey online designed for people with HPPD to fill out aimed at garnering a broader understanding of this disorder and helping to bring it much needed attention.

Please take the time to fill out the survey:


It will take about 45 minutes to complete. You can save it and come back to complete it later, however, there have been some reports of people not being able to log back on, so I would recommend allocating the time you need to finish it in one sitting.

This survey will be published with co-authorship by Dr. John Halpern, Dr. Arturo Lerner and perhaps a third member. It will be a small but, important contribution towards understanding HPPD.

Thank you all very much for your time!

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When you said there is some very exciting news I thought it was a new treatment :\

But OK I'll fill the survey. Can I contact you? Thanks.

EDIT: it's buggy. It often says I didn't answer a question that I have answered (like, "0" was the answer) or that have no answer (when it asks for me to rank the drugs that effected my HPPD when no drug changed it at all).

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