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Best three 'all rounder' health supplements.

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Right. I'm moving out my parents house this month (or getting thrown out, whatever way you want to look at it) and after rent, tax, bills etc I'm going to be left with the net amount of fuck all at the end of the month. Il maybe be able to afford three supplements max. So everyone give me the three sups they would buy if they were in my (very penniless) shoes. Baring in mind I have every hppd symptom under the sun and nothing stands out more than any other. So I guess I'm saying what's the three best 'all rounders' supp wise.

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hard to say.....considering a proper diet should take care of most of vit + min .......look at antioxidants and other stuff: glutathione, l-carnitine, or magnesium, b12, coq10, etc.

This is not my specialty but hopefully someone else will answer and give you a top3 that might coincide with what i said.

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