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hey all havent been here in awhile just had double knee surgery and unable to do anything really so busy trying not to get to depressed lol. but ive been struggling with something for awhile now. ive told a couple close friends about HPPD and the DP/DR that comes with it. not sure if they believ or not but idc i chose to confide in only them and my family. sometimes i get sick of feeling awkward in some social situations.

i moved to atlanta and thats helped socially but im still characterized as the thoughtful quiet guy thinking over things. which is true and for some reason with this i find my ability to think about many things at once and different outcomes of situations extrordinary but anywho.... should i just post something on facebook to finally end it and what would i post? dont want them coming here but i feel like i gotta get it off my back soon.

anyone have a similar situation? or anything remotely close lol?

thanks for any responses

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