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Can't Sleep


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Recently (8 months ago), [long story short], was hit with something like one of these RC chems. It took me 3 days to go to sleep. This is what you can do: wear sunglasses in the day and sleep with the light on at night.

One time i took melatonin during this time and it helped me to go to sleep.

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I've recovered 99.9% and I'm fine with whats left. I know how horrible the first weeks/months can be. Do what you can to ignore and mask your symptoms for now. The less attention you pay to them the sooner they will go away because anxiety is a key part of this disorder. I slept with a tv on to keep me distracted for several weeks, then slept with a light on for 6 months but now I'm fine sleeping in the dark. You will be to just give it time.

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