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support needed around benzodiazepine weaning

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hey found out had been taking a benzo for six months. dont like it at all. went off it have a story but to make it short was off it for four days went back on it then seen doctor three days later told him i wanted weanned. it is oxazepam 15mg now as of august 28 i am taking 10mg for two weeks then 5mg for two weeks then none so thank god in one month the benzo will be unused by me. however my body is reacting to having been off of it and now not having the dose i was so used to. I am glad i found this place to get some support thanks for being here.

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That's one benzo I have no experience w/. I"m not sure if it would be easier crossing over to another benzo to wean off.

I would check. Benzobuddies.org

Can't get this underline off, Anyways don't read the horror stories, that's usually ppl that cold turkey it. That sites helped me alot, especially the chat room, Remember that some of those ppl are so anti-benzo's they get dramatic, Take care, This underline is hard to figure out how to undo :huh:

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Glad you've not disappeared, 98.

Ipadgirl, what he said is right about benzo boards (as in the anit-benzo ones). They sent me into an unenviable spiral so be careful with them.

The good: You went back on within four days. It'll take your system some time to get back up to how you felt before, but not long.

As for your plan, it seems like you're cutting by 33%, then 50% and then jumping from a reasonable dose, each time and with only two weeks in between. Take it from me, don't rush it! Take 3 months if you can. Curious as to why you want off so quickly? Are you having negative side effects? I tried to get to a lower dosage at a rate of 7% every 10 days for 30 days and it f'd me up (that was 10 months ago).

Are you getting the generic or the brand? I know in Canada, klonopin = rivotril. Oxazepam I think has the same name (generic to brand). BTW, how is your doctor acting regarding your benzo use? What province do you live in. It's a bitch in Ontario after the new regulations (which caused a new doctor to force me off). Don't let that happen to you. Go slowly and you won't have any problems. Also, since you still don't feel like you stabilized after getting back on, I would suggest not cutting until you feel perfectly fine for at least 2 weeks. Let us know how it goes.


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