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Hey People, so im in Holland since a Month now, the first week i smoked high Quality weed (Dutch-Weed is fucking awesome :D) but now i dont have enough money and cant buy more....so since 3 weeks im clean of weed and all other shit, the first time since 3 years......My Visual Snow decreased but strangely now i jump "Frames" and have a light Headache at the Backside of my head.

It´s like lightsources would turn off for some Miliseconds, like jumping a FPS.

I never had that before and only appears since i stopped smoking.

I got that really often a day and just wondered if someone had the same symptoms?

Unfortunately i can start smoking again in 1 or 2 days so right now i cant tell if it will go away if i start smoking again.

I dont know if the Headache comes from my work (07:00-18:00), its really stressing because i have to do Quality-Control here and have to concentrate alot, or if its binded to the not-smoking, OR if its from the Weed i smoked here....Anyways im having lots of fun here :D

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They weed was having an effect on basic pain but is making your DP and "hallucinations" worse. I have also been to holland, smoking weed but this was like 7-10 years ago. You'd be better off taking 2 ibuprofen and 1 aspirin for some pain and tension than smoking a joint. With weed The side effects will be bad for HPPD. Plus weed shows psychedelic properties that goes against recovery from HPPD.

I understand back-of-the-head headaches. I have them lots. Don't stress too much. Don't get fucked-up over there with the drugs. You'd be better off going to the brothel.......lol

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Also thought about aspirin but i never took pills against ever in my life cause i think they put in coffeine so your headache gets worse...So my brain would get it the first time, dont need them :D.....And for Ibuprofen i have to go to the doc, and only headache is not enough to get the ibos :(

Also heard that weed has some stuff in that supresses hallucinatipns, so you normally would get optics from smoking it ....i will see if this stays for a few weeks if it goes away as im back in Braunschweig and dobnt have so much stress :D

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Marijuana is available but you need a prescription to get Ibuprofen?? Pretty dumb isn't it.

Jumping frames is one of the worst symptoms. I really makes you think you are psychotic/the incredible Hulk/Jason Voorhees.

This is one symptom that is bound to put dark black bags under your eyes.

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The weed is available because i made it available myself, sure i can go to the Drugstore and get ibus , just buy, but my headache is away since i put the MDMC away, almost used it 5 weekends as base for shrooms usw....

you only can get low-dosed ibus here the big ones need a run to the doc, and that for fucking ibus is stupid...yeah i know what you mean, if its bright is see like black smoke half transparent flying around......

Its strange with the frames, some days its good some days its bad, with the VS i dont got this, if i smoke i have more and if i dont smoke its almost not noticable, but a stabe "line".......Dark bags under m eyes?...Holy, i dont want to know whats in there else :D

I have tryed some atosil (Phenothiazine) before two days, that also blocks the 5ht2a, but i didnt helped at all, nothing.....got that from a friend, he said it may could help so i googled and thought he nice, but that wasnt the case.....

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