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GABA, Benzodiazepines, and the Amygdala


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(go to the links at the end of post in link) http://hppdonline.co...cs/page__st__20

The only REAL and ACCEPTED treatment for HPPD from the early 1970's to 2012 is Benzodiazepines.

"....[Valium] which works by facilitating GABA transmission", "...some of their effects on fear and anxiety are achieved by enhancing inhibition in the amygdala, thereby making it harder for external or internal stimuli to elicit fear responses by activating amygdala circuits."

-NYU Neural-science professor, Joseph LeDoux

The amygdala is a main emotional center in the brain, and issues in this part of the brain can elicit fear and rage.

This is a good topic for discussion.

What are your feelings?

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Curiously, the Amygdala is considered by many an extention of the Basil Ganglia - the big time dopamine area of the brain. And it makes sense that the emotional center would be tightly coupled with the motivational area (dopamine again).

So GABA isn't the only player. But thankfully we have benzos !!!

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