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HPPD Grant


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Why is it nobody in the medical community cares and we are left for dead?

We can still reason and in some level participate and contribute to society.

Do you hear me Doctor?

Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

We are salvageable if only you took it upon yourself to do just a little bit of research that this site provides, decades of scientific literature that points to a grossly overlooked condition.

We made a mistake.

Maybe we were predisposed to it but we'll never know because you don't care.

Well you should.

I could be your son or your daughter.

I could be your friend or your neighbor.

I could be anyone in your life.

I'm suffering and have been for decades all the while holding onto the hope of someone, a champion filled with knowledge and empathy willing and able to cure us, to end the nightmare and allow us to go on and lead our lives as though we never touched a controlled substance.

I swear to you that if you help us, I will dedicate my life to doing good and making life worthwhile and meaningful with every life I touch.

We've been punished for so long, those of us able to tolerate this tortured existence but it is unfair. The punishment does not fit the crime. Out if decency and that which encompasses the essence of humanity, please, please help.

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I understand Hope. But nobody seems to want to waste their time on a "self-limiting" disorder of "drug addicts". Sadly though that my HPPD was picked up by somebody putting something in my food as a prank. So while i have had a good spin using drugs in the past, this really didn't occur for me 'til years after (intentional) hallucinogens use.

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