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Weed and risk of dp


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Dr is derealization. Its similar to dp and usually accompanies it. Dr is like having the feeling that nothing is real...kind of the feeling that you are living in a dream. It's a really strange and scary feeling.

You really shouldn't be smoking anymore though. It just makes visuals worse and increases anxiety. Also I've heard of people getting dp from just weed but it's rare.

Also if it's been 3 years and you havnt gotten dp or dr then just try to forget those things even exist. Reading about dpdr a lot might make you look for symptoms and then you'll actually have it.

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wouldnt benzos have the same risks as weed? or no? I used to get like a quarter pound and smoke the whole thing over the course of a month. Now im thinking about quiting weed and getting benzos, and just get help with withdrawal if i decide to quit. btw do i need to go to an actual hospital to quit benzos, or just get the right dose. really dont want seizures, but i dont want weed anxiety or dp more, and with the amount i smoke. 8 ounces in kentucky is only 30 days.

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I think a quarter pound is only 4 ounces but I could be wrong. But damn dude I hope you had a pretty high tolerance cuz thats a lot of weed for just a month, especially when HPPD makes you a lot more sensitive to it. I kind of know what you mean about the benzos, too...but tbh it's really unhealthy to take recreational amounts for a long period of time. I read a lot about the long term effects of benzo abuse over a long period of time and one of them is damage to the GABAa receptor...that means that it could make HPPD worse in the long run. Keep in mind that's after long term use of really high amounts though. Also you just shouldn't be so naive about addiction, it really isn't that easy to stop. I've watched some family members lives get ruined by addiction and one of them is in jail now.

Besides, I find that benzos are more similar to alcohol than weed anyways, so if your just trying to recreate that stoned feeling then look elsewhere.

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