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Where do you go to get script

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Do I need to go to an eye doctor for a benzo. Or can I go to my family doctor. I obviously have visual problems. I ate some corn today and it messed me up, also corn is like in everything, even mcdonalds. so dunno what im gonna do, gonna try to get a benzo. I have stress anyways, with schizo and bi polar, but I get visuals and godly anxiety.

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I see, sorry for being ignorant :P This christmas i started having anxiety problems that was out of this world, imagine a panic attack that kept on going for days and when the panicky feelings stopped i had serious overall anxiety 24/7. Cognitive behaviour therapy helped me to deal with social anxiety etc. but the anxiety over hppd is of course still present. Although i tried Atarax (Hydroxyzine) an amtihisthamine and that helped me alot.

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Most likely scenario is your family doctor will refer to to a psychiatrist (who will evaluate you and either give it to you or not). This is where the whole supporting information for HPPD comes in. Hopefully your doctor understands your condition and that you aren't a drug user (or abuser ftm...they are always concerned about that), that you just want treatment for HPPD. This would be the straight up way to be prescribed the klonopin. If you're in the states, I don't see it being a problem. You could even put it under generalized anxiety disorder, although I can't imagine them giving you more that 1mg for it. With HPPD, which sometimes requires more (hopefully not for you), you have to make them understand that you need as much K as you need to treat it. It's sad that one must jump through such hoops, but that's how I originally got a script for it, and this was before seeing Dr. A. Key: find good doctors!

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