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I know how you feel!!! I wanted to die and cried everyday when this happened to me. Hot girls were even asking me out and I was scared of them:( There faces would become distorted and when having sex I payed more attention to the strobe light show, pathetic!

My first step towards recovery was exercise (still is the best one). Swimmings and playing sports alot. You might not feel anxiety relief right away, but trust me you'll feel much more relaxed for hrs after. I never thought I would be able to handle a job but I just forced myself into hard situations daily, even w/ my heart pounding out of my chest. The more you force yourself the easier everything becomes. Even now if I didn't work everyday and exercise (jobs where you're moving around seem to work best for most) I couldnt handle hppd. I've tried to be a lazy person w/ hppd and it makes me suicidal. Every morning you get up even when your headpressure is hurting and you didn't sleep well ect....you have to force yourself to be constructive, It's the only true cure to this shit and even non hppders are depressed if they have nothing going on in their lives. PS i didnt read your post just the title :) feel better bro!!

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