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Just saying hi, and curious to thoughts


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I think you are experiencing some form of pre-hppd...in between my 2nd and third trips I also saw some trippy patterns in the center of my vision. After my 3rd trip I woke up with many more symptoms :(.

I'd say that you definitally need to never do psychedelics or MDMA ever, as those are the main culprits. Are you a big drug user or was this just a one-time spiritual thing? In any case you should think twice the next time you smoke some pot or drink because these have both "unlocked" full hppd for some people.

Anyways for now just try and ignore it if you can...I know it sounds hard but that's how I got my patterns to kind of fade into visual snow. Haha that might not sound very reassuring but any residual effects from the acid you get will probably fade away over time.

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Not a big time user at all. I drink socially (though very rare), do not smoke pot (tried it once, didn't even get high), and have used zero drugs other than the one time LSD trip. And as I said, the experience wasn't even a bad one.

Thanks for the response. The visual thing seems to be dissipating - or at the very least, I'm able to ignore it a lot better - but my anxiety has slightly worsened. Hopefully it will pass in time.

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Simmiar story to mine but I took shrooms and my symptoms were mostly the typical ones. I think you have HPPD but it does seem to be different than what is standard. I'm bassically 100% cured after having HPPD for 5 and 1/2 months so there is definately hope. Stay sober (even from alcohol) for at least a month. After that you may decide to drink some but be carefull and know that it comes with some risks.

Take Valerian root to help you sleep when visuals/anxiety are making it hard for you. Valerian root is a natural medicine that is sold over-the-counter in pill or tea form in most grocery stores or phamacies. Supplements like magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to your brain and a daily multivitamin is a good idea for everyone HPPD or not.

Wait it out for now. Exercise and keep busy to distract yourself. Talk about it with people you trust if it helps. Think positively. I was worried that I had something worse than HPPD (like schitzophrenia) at first because I had Hypnagogic hallucinations that didn't match what is common on here but I am now fine and in a few months you will be too. Learn to relax and not worry about small things, anxiety can make this condition worse. Good Luck!

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