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Something unusual with my vision

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3 weeks ago, I took the first big step solving one of my biggest personal trauma. I felt a great relief to emotional level (DP sufferers know that strong emotions are not common), and two days later, something strange happened with my vision.

That day I had taken a caffee early in the morning that did not raise my visuals. Approximately 7 hours after I took my usual dose of 0.5 klonopin. Moments later, in the car of a friend I began to notice that something unusual was happening with my vision.

Maybe some of you have a slight "tunnel vision" which then disappeared. I remember looking at my hands and all the scenery around me, it is difficult to explain. I did not have to force myself to focus, I was watching in HD. The trails, afterimages, etc. remained but never bothered me too much. Now I can focus and read / play on the PC without much effort.

For this strange episode i stop to visit this site every day, I was obsessing too much with hppd and symptoms. And i was doing the exact opposite that in dpselfhelp recommend to overcome depersonalization.

I have no explanation for the visual change. Obviously the fight continues,the fight against those moments when I think "oh no i cant handle this anymore?" but I know that have only tested 10% of the tools to combat this disorder.

Best wishes to all

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