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I'm not sure if its true but I found this story on the visual snow website:

"I've had visual snow and shimmering and arc's for years and years and just pegged it to doing LSD a couple of times when I was a teen.

Here are the series of events that happened and now my vision is cured. Here's what happened:

-I woke up with my eyes looking puffy and in a pissy mood.

-I was watching YouTube videos about 'psychopaths in power' and workplace bullies and was complaining about my old boss and reliving bad memories.

-I later on was doing some work on the computer.

-It was getting late. About 3 hours before bed though.

-I noticed my eyes were heavy. Much more than usual and earlier than usual.

-I then noticed this headache come on a couple of hours later.

-I took a couple of ibuprofen. Felt very much like I was drinking earlier but I had nothing.

-The headache then got BAD and I felt nauseous. I took another ibuprofen because it was that bad. I never take more than two but the headache was unusually strong.

-I then went upstairs where my wife was sleeping in bed and told her I was worried and had a BAD headache and felt like I could throw up. I tried to lay on the bed and the head hurt bad. I laid there for about 20 minutes in pain wondering if I should go the hospital etc.

-I grabbed the Ipad to research the issue and then It was like 'oh no'.. the screen was SO BRIGHT I couldn't handle it.

-A bit later it got the the point where the dim night lamp way across the room was too bright!

-The pain was hitting me REALLY bad on the left side behind my eyeball, back of my neck, left temple.. basically on the left more or less.

-My wife said it sounded like a migrain headache.

-The pain got so bad I asked my wife if we had some Oxycontin's left or sleeping pills or Tylenol 3.. that's how bad it was.

-The light then got so strong I started to outright shut my eyes, and even had to cover my eyes with my hands and forearm.

-When I shut my eyes, I got freaked out because I saw this pattern! I described it like the Disney Epcot center very similar to this.

-This seemed to prove that I was suffering a real migraine headache and didn't need to go to the hospital. Here is a real picture of what I was seeing as documented by a migraine specialist.

-The pills then finally seemed to kick in and I noticed I couldn't see the patterns anymore. The shallow breathing, fear, nausia, visuals, and extreme light sensitivity were over and only the headache was left and getting a bit better by every few minutes.

-I then finally went to sleep.

-I woke up two hours later and the headache was GONE! 100%.

-I noticed things seemed 'serene'. 'Calm'.

-I went back to bed for 3 more hours and then woke up under slept.

-The headache was completely gone. I again noticed during brushing my teeth and such that things were 'calm' and seemed different.

-I came downstairs to make coffee with my BLACK colored Kuerig coffee maker in a shadowy corner and WOW! I noticed 'wait a minute! Where are all the squigglies and shimmers and snow????"


-That night, I noticed a bit of a headache forming on my RIGHT side this time and took 2 ibuprofen, but it never developed into a headache. I was just paranoid I guess.

Today is day 2 and again I'm under-slept and tired. I've been eating bad food all weekend and drank a bottle of wine tonight (Saturday night). No problems at all. My vision is perfect.

Something happened after I had that migraine and saw those patterns.

Or, I'm guessing it was the high dose of ibuprofen that cured the problem - FOR NOW. I'm the vision problems will come back, but until then I'm SO HAPPY THE SNOW IS GONE!! I finally know how it's like to look at things normally. I looked at the black/white line graphs someone posted and got NO shimmering lines or noise. Not at ALL.

I'm still wondering what cured it. What was it? And I wonder how long it will take until my vision problems come back and how I can resolve it next time. So far, all signs point to taking a lot of ibuprofen. I'm not sure what else could have cured it."


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