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I have not been officially diagnosed with it (haven't even asked about it), but suspect I may have IBS. I think other members of my family have been diagnosed with it - at least I know others have digestive problems. My digestive system seems to have been improved since I removed dairy and gluten from my diet - a blood test showed intolerance to milk and a mild intolerance to wheat/rye.

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I don't know if any of you have been officially diagnosed with IBS. But people with IBS take different meds: some being deliriants. Scopolamine is deliriant found in a flower, Devil's/Angel's Trumpet in South America,

and a plant with berries called Belladonna or Deadly Nightshade in N. America. In S. America, scopolamine is used in robberies and date-rapes, if that let's you understand the potentials of this drug.

Scopolamine is used for IBS and motion sickness for astronauts. Read this interesting article (but keep in mind, some of the information may just be conjecture <or total bullsht>; nevertheless is a really interesting and entertaining paper):


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My doc also diagnosed me with IBS, she said thats just a meaning for that noone knows what you have......i always get stomach hurtings when i eat things like Noodles or Pizza.....worst is Ben & Jerry´s but its so tastyyyy :D...i thought first it would be a lactose-allergic reaction, but they tested me on it and said than i got IBS.

They don´t give me any med´s for or anything else, i´m fucked up here :(.......But i dont think that Scopolamine would be the best option for this, i mean such a hard trip just to get away some stomachhurtings is way too heavy.....ever read a tripreport on Erowid about Scopolamine??...i think the least problem you´d have would be the stomach hurting... :D

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