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Hey everyone! I'll try make this brief, I just wanted to know what medication people on this forum have found is most effective against specific visual symptoms mainly Starbursting and after images?

My starbursting is so bad i see it during the day, the suns reflection off of anything is so bright almost like stars or mini suns EVERYWHERE! It's at its worst when the sun is at its lowest so early mornings, late afternoon. I hope to be able to drive one day but think it would be very dangerous as the starbursting makes lights that would seem normal to other people so bright it sends me halfway blind, leaving flashing red and green dots and burns in my vision for 2 - 5 minutes after, which i assume are after images. This is my WORST symptom and i need to try something, Naturally healing is not working for me. I'm willing to try meds regardless of whether its just a mask or temporary fix.

Thanks for reading :)

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Oh and also is there a med i can take for anxiety that won't effect my hppd? I have some particularly bad days where i get anxiety for days along with some pretty bad paranoia and sometimes depression, some sort of relief from this would be great, I just want suggestions and what your expieriences were like on whatever the med may have been and what worked best

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