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  1. After seeing people on here who have managed to cope in the military with HPPD it has definitely made me feel better. That’s great man hopefully you can achieve this I’m sure you can, as for myself it’s the Marines. I was in last year but got injured and got discharged but I really want to go back. Luckily I think I have a fairly mild case of HPPD compared to a lot of the other ones I hear so I think I still have a chance.
  2. Hi man, I’m in a similar situation, always wanted to join the military and did so last year but suffered an injury a few weeks into training and was medically discharged and I got HPPD after a silly mistake while I was waiting to re-join. I have read a few stories of people with HPPD managing to have a career in the military which gives me hope. What branch of the military are you interested in joining?
  3. It’s the only career path I’ve had any interest in so I’m hoping I can still I follow it. It does help to hear that you managed to get through submarine service, gives me hope that I could do the same, I’m still in the early stages of HPPD and i’m only 20 so I have plenty of time on my side. It’s only early but I have been taught a few valuable lessons that I know will help me in the future.
  4. Sounds like you’ve been through quite a bit man I feel for you. Glad to hear you’re powering on and starting to get back on your feet. I have always wanted to be in the military and last year I worked my ass off and got fit to join. A few weeks into training I suffered an injury and was discharged. I would have to wait a year until I could go back in and I was devastated. Unfortunately while I was waiting to go back in I made a terrible mistake due to my judgement being way off at the time and I took LSD after my mates asked me if I wanted to join them. I had taken drugs before including
  5. I’m finding it hard not to think in a similar way. Last year I was flying high in life had a great career and everything lined up for me and it’s come to a crashing halt. Don’t think I could ever do something as drastic as killing myself because I have a very loving family and I couldn’t do that to them, but I honestly can’t see myself enjoying life very much in the future seeing the world in pixels and all the other shit symptoms haha
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