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  1. I have trouble concentrating and I will take exams next week. Do I have brain damage or is it only temporary? I also get more and more eye floaters
  2. btw i'm only 16 and don't know if i should tell my parents. And thanks for your help : )
  3. It's been a month now and not much has changed. I'm not sure if I should go to the doctor or wait. I'm afraid that I have ruined my brain
  4. The worst symptom is the brain fog, it's sometimes more or less present but it makes me crazy. Everything is just blurry and unclear.
  5. do you think it will last a long time? and thank you for answering
  6. Sometimes I have muscle trembeling in my legs or fingers
  7. A week and a half ago i had 40mg 1cp lsd. Since I have brain fog, light tremor and some small black eye floaters. I have anxiety that I have hppd
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