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  1. Hey there, thanks for your reply! Edit: I know realized that its not as limited as I thought. I experienced breathing walls too now, on several occasions (mostly in the evening, with less light), sometimes very heavy after waking up. But still, I didnt experience depersonal- or derealization, altough there were a few moments of anxiety which I didnt let much room, so that didn’t affect me much. I think I was very lucky overall. I am still completely sober (6 weeks now). No weed, no alc, no coffee lol. I think the last time I was sober this long was when I was 14 haha. Didn‘t have an
  2. Hey, I am Jonas, I am 25 and I started smoking weed at the age of 15 (daily from 16-18) started doing ampethamine at the age of 16 (nearly every weekend from 18-20), ecstasy at the age of 18 (ca 140 pils til now). Experienced 2 times of psychotic episodes (people talking about me) (but only if I am awake more than 2 days - didnt experienced it after the second time on a techno festival with 3 days without sleep because I realized how essential sleep is for me - one night without while partying is without bad effects for me. Since a few (4-5) years, I only smoke weed on occasions (1-2 times a m
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