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  1. You are right for the HPPD - I have recovered from it. However, I am cured of the confusion, pain and despair it originates! So no it's not a recovery actually, it's a cure as the suffering is not caused by the symptoms but by the feelings they seed and their impact on your life:)
  2. Hi:) Everything will be fine! In fact, the less you ask yourself, the better. Everything will be fine:) Look, the symptoms you describe are OK! Don't let that bother you. In fact, what I can really advise you to do -is to stop reading about HPPD and focus on other things. I also advise you not to test the symptoms! I'm sure you do because we're all tempted to check to see if it's gone - don't do it! And if you do experience a symptom, don't worry! Tell yourself that other people have been through this and have a good life now! Also, you should try to observe it without jud
  3. Hello, everyone, I will try to tell my story as authentically as possible - but what I can say is that I am cured (in a sense)! And I am writing today because I would have liked to read more positive stories when I was at my worst:) I am joining the community to share my experience and give support when possible. Drugs before HPPD – I had my first joint when I was 14. And I smoked a lot since then. Between 15 and 17 - I smoked almost every day. I graduated from high school when I was 17 and moved to another city. There, I tried Mdma and cocaine (I had just turned 18) - I re
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