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  1. I have not seen a neurologist in many years. My susceptibility to after images was enough that I prefer to do anything I can in near darkness wherever and whenever possible. Trails were a major issue with driving. Stars come and go as they please. I find THCA with CBD to be calming on my nerves. Naltrexone definitely reduced these effects enough that I can refer to them in a past tense. It's also been surprisingly helpful in progressive scoliosis correction. Just have to be really careful with stimulants like caffeine, I'm personally prone to headaches from energy drinks pro
  2. Boy, have I had fun struggling to explain this over the years. Having read implications that people can naturally develop HPPD without the use of drugs, I feel brave enough to come out and propose... I believe I was born with HPPD. Yes, there are an endless amount of possibilities of what can happen to a child before their memory develops. The unknown aside, my mother swears upon her life that she was emotionally compelled to be clean during her pregnancy. She did however try recreational substances in the years before her pregnancy. That's all there really is to factor into the
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