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  1. Well a little follow up, i am fine and i just got used to the weird patterns i see sometimes and weird fellings. I tried weed again and it was a very nice experience, Peace and good luck to everyone!
  2. Hello, i am just a guy who recently tried weed. i did this about 2 months ago and it was not the best experience, i was very curious about weed and i decided to try it, the first couple times where fun and seemed nice but later on it got intense and i had a couple very bad trips so i decided that weed was not for me and i stopped smoking it. i had depersonalization and anxiety after i stopped. i got over that but i got more intense visual snow (i have had visual snow since i was a kid) and i have the weirdest dreams and i looked up some stuff and found out that i might have hppd. i sometimes g
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