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  1. Yeah, Ive been doctor, Opthamologist, Next is Neurologist later this month. Opthamologist said my eyes are 100% fine and the light sensitivity I shouldnt let bug me. Yes it sounds scary but I went to all those places just to be safe lol. Next is a neurologist thou
  2. Yes visual stuff is annoying. The headaches I find are more. the mental ones the worst. anxiety is the worst! But if the headache goes I can have hope my anxiety levels will lessen
  3. Hi, new to the forums. only took the drug once havnt ever done anything else and have been 100% sober since 7 months ago when I took it. Took shrooms, was good till one month later where I got eye pain light sensitivity and headaches. Im sure they are linked. I also noticed I had breathing walls when I would zone out. 7 Months in I still got Mild snow and stuff still shifts and moves when I zone out. I also had a panic attack after the month of shrooms where I didnt know what was happening. had episodes where I would slap myself trying to "feel" something and that time I didnt know what
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