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  1. It was terrible having my mind bleed together lol I realized I was a person of fragments that I could bounce between before and now it's like hard to pull out information of my mind sometimes just because I don't connect the same. Sometime I'll share my experience on here it was weird. but I've had good trips before. It was a bad one that messed me up. I took too many mushrooms by accident and trusted my boyfriends judgement than my own. We were both being dumb really. He was going to eat what I didn't and I didn't want him to trip so hard that we couldnt communicate so I took more than I had
  2. Thank you. I'm glad to be here All my doctors have pointed to stress. It's all like I work everyday to manage that stress and to chill out but it never feels like it's doing enough. My gastro wont give me a proper diagnoses. My regular doctor thinks it's all emotional and that I need to be medicated. I had a couple doctors actually just judge the hell out of me and treat me like shit when I was really honest about my experience. I cut them loose though. I just have been on antidepressants before which could help IBS - C but they depersonalize you as well. I'm scheduled to see a psychiatrist t
  3. It's just so weird my mind at this point. It became like this overly complicated landscape with the associations and functions all messed up. How I relate to myself, how I relate to others. How I feel things, how I percieve things. Indeed acceptance is the key above all medication suppliments. But each day feels like I'm walking on eggshells with my mind and one wrong move Im stuck in the stagnetization that it almost seems to desire. I try to do less controlling of me being able to use my gut/bowels properly but they think that food is an invader and freak out. It's interesting as we actually
  4. Also I don't smoke pot anymore it makes me feel weird, I tried addeall once and I felt like I was better aside of gut and bowel. but I wont take adderall it just overworks your brain and makes you feel worn out. I've seen in cause depression in close friends.
  5. I'm aware that none or most of you are medical professionals, but unfortunately like many of you medical professionals have failed to help me. I have seen that many of you also have personal experience for what works what doesn't work. I suppose almost using yourselfs as guinea pigs. I guess I'm okay with that. Considering I was okay with taking Psychedelics suppliments helping my current state with suppliments doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Medicine History: (PRE HPPD I did this crap) I took ritalin for a short time as a child. At sixteen years old I ODed about three times on effexor.
  6. New Member. Workin on my Bio.

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