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Zazen and HPPD

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I wanted to talk about my Zazen experience and HPPD and what I think I have learned. So zazen basically is a form of sitting very similar to meditation. Some also say it is "studying yourself".

So while "studying yourself", at least I think I came clear with the perception, my perception just how it is. I do not think that it will change any time. Everytime I think it may get better some day I think about that some people are blind and that I should be happy that I can even see.

So Zazen can "help" you to get to know yourself better. Get more flexible. But it is required some practice and patience. It doesnt (atleast I didnt really noticed it) change your visuals.

There is just one big up, that brings me to write this topic. I cant deny that Zazen somehow gave me a chance to cope with myself, to find a handling in all this mess. I am not saying that this mess is all gone. I am just saying I am fine with it. I mean somehow fine. 

I dont really recommend you doing zazen. But if you want to give up and are on the edge with anything suicidal or whatever like I was, it may be something worth a try.

Have a great day!

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