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I wrote a post about Nuplazid way back.  In theory it should be helpful.  There's another that I guess is in the pipeline that I guess should be more effective, Vitolenserin???  Idk, I don't feel like looking it up right now.


Buuuuttt... There is an antidepressant in the same category that's available in Europe that's been around awhile called Mianserin that's doesn't look like it has a bad profile and is thought to be an inverse agonist on 5HT receptors, so just I guess if you are over there, figured I'd throw that put there.

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I'd like to try nuplazid, minus the fact that it costs $28000 per year.

I live in Canada and there's a special program that would allow for my doctor to specially request it from the U.S. as it's not yet available in Canada, and it would be covered by social services. 

But, alas my doctor said that he would leave that as an absolute last resort.

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