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Glasses to reduce symptoms


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My neuro brought this up last time but since i was about to be scheduled for a VEP we didn't discuss it in detail. However, it was discussed on the old board, i know there are people on this board with a lot of knowledge about the subject.

It seems like filtering out certain wavelengths of the light spectra has benefitial effects on HPPD. Normal glasses with shading and/or UVB/UVA filtering doesn't seem to do the trick but special glasses have been helpful to some members.

I know there are glasses like this that can be prescribed, but this is not my area of expertise. Any inputs on this subject would be gratefull.

I know i would probably need them while sitting at the computer.

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A vision tharapist had me get me glasses with 5% blue tint. He works with color and says that blue is helpful for toxic brain injury. Can't say for sure if it helps but it can't hurt. Yellow light (somewhat the opposite of blue) is annoying to me.

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yeah I'm just waiting for the right time for the talk. I KNOW he's tripped before but still...I'm just waiting for the right time.

I definately recomend telling him. My parents took It really well and i think it feels good to let the people around me know what I'm going through. Plus an eye doctor could be very helpful.

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