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Your symptoms and computers/TV etc.  

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  1. 1. Does your symptoms aggravates by VDUs

    • Yes, only a brief session will make symptoms aggravated.
    • Yes, but only while doing long sessions and/or a specific VUD
    • No, not at all

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The computer is the worst. Its kinda sad because i produce music but can barely sit more then an hour. TV depends on the size and distance. A 40" inch 3-4 meters away is ok but if it would be a 47" on the same distance causes issues. I believe it all has to do with the need of more panning or the periphial view getting too much input. Worst is a 3D cinema movie. Its not worth it, not by far. Weird is that now when my meds are working and i can focus on the text thats no longer jumping up and down, i can read heavy litterature in school without anything going on at all.

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I've also noticed that certain music makes me feel kinda bad, especially trance since i pumped that during my hppd-trip...

me too man, i cant listen to uk bass or deep house anymore. IE. mosca, night slugs, cant do it. burial too, which is a shame as he was my favourite producer

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