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Help: ....New Case :<

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I would continue to take the meds especially if the doctors recomends that you do.

Your story took me a while to process. You have hallucinations? Hallucinations of what? I once had some laced

Weed and it made everyone look like slowmotion animal like creatures and even tables looked different i cant even ex

plain it.

Do you think that my problem was a result of smoking weed for waaay to long or was it laced? I asked the guy and he said it wasnt.

but he knows id beat the fuck out of him.

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Well, I think weed has been historically (when laced) laced with PCP. My experience with this dissociative is that it almost felt like it took days for it to kick in. The problems felt like they were getting worse by the day, everyday after i had smoked the stuff. Smoking weed can induce some hallucination as well as some psychosis. My hallucinations are slowly going away, but still linger. I was getting like: flying comets coming in from the sides of my vision, peripheral hornet stripes, things would look like they were constantly getting bigger in my sight but in reality never changed, you know liquidy, breathing, curved space, stuttered, trails, halos etc: visual disturbances, bad.

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I don't think these hallucinations are real, esp. considering I'm not schizophrenic. lol I have encountered tons of people (including my own parents) who believe that I am paranoid and have been somewhat delusional. I think I really comes down to if you truly can look beyond all the bad long-term symtoms of hallucinogen/dissociative drug overdose. I felt like I could tell for the most part, but my parents and a psychologist here and there might have begged to differ. Them, I can't trust. Me, I can.

Thanx brother for making me feel a little better.

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