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Anyone else expirienced this with their ghosting

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Today was one of my shitter hppd days and this has only happened twice (today included) but does anyone else's ghosting sometimes flare up?

My ghosting is always present but seems to come out of my right eye more then anything but usually stays at a bearable level and i can normally reset my ghosting by blinking but today it was constant and about a centimetre off of everything i looked at like the first time it happened it subsided towards the end of the day, My left eye was fine no ghosting what so ever( All other visuals still present). Also had fairly bad eye wobbles from that eye as well not sure if connected.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? That there ghosting is stronger on some days? Why is it that it only seems to come out of one eye instead of both?

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Have you found that your ghosting gets stuck on some days and that blinking to reset it doesn't work? yesterday it was constant ghosting for roughly 12 hours, not exactly fun when your in a classroom trying to read. I don't know what could cause it there haven't really been any major changes in the way i eat sleep etc.

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