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Contacts and Glasses


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Does anyone notice a change in their visual snow when they are wearing contacts or glasses. I know that HPPD is a problem with the brain and not the eyes but it seems to make a diference with me. I usually wear contacts and it is hard to tell if they make a change because the only time I don't have them in is right before or after sleeping when I am in a darker enviroment and my visuals seem to increase anyways. Because I can take glasses on and off it is easier to notice a change with them. If I am in a dimly lit room where the snow is there but thin it seems to be noticeably reduced when I put my glasses on. Maybe seeing clearer makes it easier for my brain to process the images it's getting. Has anyone else noticed any difference?

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i should were glasses but i normally dont do this. so iam not used to them right now.

if i wear them for a hour my visuals get a lot more noticeable.

here is my theory about this.

it seems that visual rest could decrease the symptoms:


so in your case visual rest is wearing your glasses and for me because iam not used to them now is dont wearing them visual rest.

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