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my silliest symptom maybe u have it too

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Paranoia when eating. This is a ridiculous synptom I laugh at but cant help. I love curry, I just made myself a curry took 3 or 4 bites then remembered u can get high by smoking or eating loaaaaads of nutmeg. Got scared there would be nutmeg in my curry and had to go be sick so I wouldnt trip.

As I sit I have no drdp, visuals are like 90% nornal maybe 95%+. I feel happy and confident im recovering yet this stupid fucking fear of getting worse and anxiety is just, laughable but I cant fix it. I bought magnesium suppliments im too scared to take incase I trip

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I love a good curry high, embrace it! I can assure you it will not make things worse (except for your ass)

I remember reading some urban myth that beef/cow milk had miniscule traces of halluciogens too.... so no more big macs for you ;)

Honestly mate, just forget about it. Food wont get you high

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i wouldnt eat cereal or pasta for the first like 4 months of my hppd because on the second say of having it i ate both of those things, and both felt overly soft in my mouth compared to how i expected them to be first bite and all my visuals exploded at the shock of it lol, so i was convinced this would happen every time

but in all honesty, i had overcooked the pasta, and left ther cereal in the milk far too long, and knew this somewhere in my head anyway haha

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