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Zen and HPPD (and other tips)

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some time went by so I am correcting this thread. Zen is a way of living. It does not cure HPPD. It is a practice that helps being in the moment, it does not rely on meditating in a sitting position. It is helping being more present in daily life. 

Since a lot lack guidance and feel bad. The Zen way might give a possible solution for someone that really does not see any light at the end of the tunnel and everyone else (, also the ones not having HPPD.)

But what I have already recognised early, is that people tend to put HPPD as the reason for all of their problems and that they can not live a life normally without HPPD. With that, you only hurt yourself even more. The way of accepting it, is the best I believe. To keep a clear mind and observe the things you re witnessing, helps giving some structure for sure.

I only think sometimes of HPPD, I am not afraid of it, I see it as something interesting. 

Maybe in general a more optimistic nihilistic view on life could help. Or a therapy with someone that really just gives you the feeling that it is okay. 

HPPD is something that is gonna stay most likely, what are you going to learn from it? You live your life with drug abuse and consumption of unhealthy things? Or you see it as a chance, as a reminder that life is short and you shouldnt take it as serious, but serious enough to dont harm yourself anymore. 

Other tips would be to stop eating to much sugar, avoid any drugs, no caffeine, kind of healthy food. Sport, but not to much in a gym, me personal I feel like gyms make an unhealthy influence on self worth. Also avoid to much social media consumption since that also makes a bad influence. And overall check on yourself and your well being in different situations, but also push yourself out of your confort zone if you feel ready for it, only small steps with no intentions of getting anywhere with it, but keep yourself active in life, do not go in a passive mode to much. If you want to go okay, but be honest with yourself that you re going in passive mode, at least be aware of what you re doing, with an objective not judging view on the situation. That is what helped me. 

zen can bring more joy to life, but there is no guarantee! 

best regards


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And also, people always only look on themselfs with HPPD, they only see how bad they are doing and that everyone else is having it better. But look around! Do you only see happy faces? No! everyone has their package to carry and you have yours. And why should you be weak for that? You wouldnt say to someone in a gym carrying the heaviest weights that he is weak, right?

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