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Hello HPPD community / Family

As many of you may know, over the past 10 years a joint collaboration of a team of HPPD sufferers, the NRF see: www.neurogroup.org went out contacting leading experts in various parts of the world in a plea to find help and answers.

After many years we had success, reaching top experts who became willing to help, and from there started a joint collaboration with leading experts from various parts of the world, i.e. Johns Hopkins USA, Kings College London  and St Vincents Australia. This also included the direct Input Of Dr Henry Abraham to create the most in depth Protocol and study ever with the intent to find the actual cause of HPPD and then effectively be able to treat it or even find a cure for the condition. 

We have been neglected for far too long and this is our chance to actually get real and significant help. It is the responsibility of all of us (not just leaving it up to a handful) to move towards our desired objectives.

In this way, we are asking anyone who would like to contribute financially to please do so. At present the team is working on a shoe string budget, though to make real progress and to start to do real work, working with real HPPD sufferers we are in great need of funding now.

This is our one chance to really make a difference and to make history, and to hopefully make HPPD history.

I am asking anyone reading this to please find it within yourself to contribute by whatever means possible financially as soon as possible. 

Donations can be made directly to:

Philanthropy Department

Macquarie University NSW

Australia 2109 


(just include an note that it is for the HPPD study / Protocol, Being Lead by Professor Harry Mcconnell) 


find a link to the study here :

Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) Protocol: Multimodal Neuroimaging to uncover neurobiological pathogenesis — Macquarie University (mq.edu.au)


From the depth of my heart please find it within yourself to give what you can. With our combined efforts,something from everyone we can achieve what we needs to happen, to move forward now and get the treatment and help that many of us of us have been waiting decades to receive.

Please and thank you!!!

Yours sincerely.








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