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Hey!! i need 911 help!!


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Hello everyone!! i am 19 i am from ecuador... time here is 3 am...i am really worried about my situation i really want to quit with all this issue.. i am here for some advices..! i have heard that hppd is incurable! but could be manage.. So please give me some advice about what can i do for anxiety? to reduce hallucinations? i have 4 months in this problems! i had quit from college.. i want to concentrate in my future... PLease i really need help and i am really glad to find this community.. Please what can i take? what can reduce my hppd? Every day i regret taking LSD! Its really hard to live everyday with this! SO please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Alot of people fully recover from HPPD, so it is curable.

Quit drugs, alcohol, eat healthy, excerise and try to fill your day with things that you enjoy and can take your mind off the hppd. Try and do some sports (become the next antonio valencia!), go for walks in nature. Try and take the stress out of your life.

Also, remember that there are alot of people on here that have hppd but also a great life... married, good jobs, education etc . Even if you don't get cured, you can live a great life.

Good luck, Jay

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haha thnks for the advice.. haha i am not black! do u agree about using medication to help undevelop this issue? DO you have this? How this change your life? Whats the cure? greetings thanks for hearing i have never go to doctor i have discover this on me after takinf lsd and having a flashback!

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