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Has anyone noticed that any medication or supplements they take it worsens everything? I have had this for 13 months and it legit just keeps feeling like everyday it getting worse. I dont know why too.

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On 9/6/2021 at 5:29 PM, MichaelHPPD20years said:

I've had HPPD for 20 years but for the first 10 years it seemed like every week or perhaps every month my condition would get just a little bit worse, I always thought my brain was slowly dying or something, never could explain it. Lately I feel absolutely wonderful and have been making improvements (with help) but no one seems to believe me...

Modern medicine has termed most electrical devices in the field of medicine as "Quackery", whenever medical science does this the sheep move as though they were a religious cult. So now days everything thinks these devices are more for gimmicks. However funny people think they may be, there are a few that actually tend to show outstanding results worthy of further investigation. Mass population though, their minds are too lazy for real reading and thoughtful acknowledgement.

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