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Hey guys! 

I developed hppd about 8 months ago and and began to see growth and change in around May, I just found out that I’m pregnant and now I’m experiencing lots of visual snow, night terrors and depersonalization. Has anyone experienced this? I assume it’s because my hormones are intensifying of course but it’s really awful and I’m only around 4 weeks so I’m worried they will worsen. 

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I read about a woman, I think on here, who had her hppd go away after giving birth.


I think that becoming pregnant signals many things to the body— one of which is it’s time to clean things up. Become as strong as possible. If you are cleaning up bad pathogens and cells, it’s possible that is effecting your hppd because doing requires the immune system. Hppd may not be immune related, but having inflammatory reactions (not uncommon in pregnancy) can cause all sorts of emotional symptoms. 

im sorry to hear you are not feeling well :( best of luck and much love. 

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