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High Frame-Rate / Speeded-Visual-Motion

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Does anyone know the strange phenomenon that sometimes one has the feeling that what is perceived is moving a little faster, as in black and white films, only slower. Or as if reality has more frames than usual, I know it, when I sometimes watch YouTube videos that are 720p60, i.e. 60 frames and not 30 frames, it's the same phenomenon, when i watching away from the screen. It's like an extreme high refresh rate, a person, I have these 16 years, triggered by smoking weed, its not bothered me, only interest me if there are a terminus for these phenomena, the one I met on Facebook has the same thing, we feel as if we are the only two in the world with it. We both noticed that this too fast time sensation mostly occurs in cloudy weather.

Thanks. (sorry for my english)

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Hi Bonze,

i have the same visual effect which developed increasingly within 2 Month after the consumption of about 60ug 1V-LSD. The motion seems like "overclocked".

I got something like an panic attack after about 18h of consumption and another attack about 5h later. Before the trip, i was suffering from depression and I still do.

Furthermore it's a real brillant view. It seems my Filters aren't able to filter the unimportant from the important information. The problem is, that it's often too much information for my brain and i will develop headache. Some times it is really hard to deal with it.

I think i have HPPD. It's diagnosed by myself.

I Have no further visual effects like Hallucinations.

***Further symptoms I have are***

- bad Memory (long and short time)

- some kind of dissociation stressful situations (like a tunnel-view and some kind of fading out of my beeing)


- sometimes it is hard to sleep

- fear

- micropsy / macropsy (its better now)

- day by day change of perception

- at the beginning a lot emotional connections to my childhood

- thoughts aren't in the right order; its sometimes hard to connect thoughts and emotions


The fact that it is continuing changing gives me hope.

It is better in the evening.

Meds which i am taking to sometimes fight the fear and sleeplessness:

- Promethazin

- Baldrian

- Trazodone

I'm not taking any illegal drugs furthermore. I don't drink coffee and i don't smoke cigarettes. I'm doing some sports like running.

I have the feeling, it was getting worse from the first day on. For sure i can say it changed.


I'm not able to work in the actual state.




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