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Okay so I'm revisiting Klonopin. From the jump I've always written of benzos as a whole. I thought it was just a weak benzo and that's why it was selected, incorrect. Recently looking for info on keppra on found the study that had complete remission in several symptoms.... So ofcourse WTF. So I've been digging through the forum and the subreddit only to find no one actually repeated the study to repeat and validate results. No one actually has taken the 2 or 6 mg doses daily for the duration of two months. My usual finding is oh don't take it/binky had .5mg for 3 days or oh yeah I took Xanax and it got worse after. 


It actually might be a good treatment option. But there's no first hand reports. If you have tried it please let me know

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I think it was 2mg not 6 (which would be colossal). I think most people dont want to try cause you run a very high risk of addiction with this regiment and then have your life ruled by withdrawal and taper off afterwards...

Not even talking about the amnesia this would likely cause + IME being too dishinibited all the time can lead to some social situations that seem fine on the moment but in retrospect were pretty awkward or where you said or did innapropriate things without realizing.

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