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Some improvements

Marco S

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Hey guys:


Hope everyone is doing fine. I just want to keep you updated about my process and some of the improvements, obstacles and challenges I have faced in the last couple of weeks. I got home last week and had a talk with my parents about my symptoms, feelings, and the way to address this issue. Of course, they are confused, just as I was two months ago and still being from time to time. We had a chat to decide about my options. Neurologists, psychiatrists, there is a wide range of medical options here, as I live in large city, but not sure yet about what step I want to take.

I saw a psychologist last week and think it was helpful. Of course, she is not familiarized with the condition nor she knows how to address it. But talking about the problem helped me to feel a bit calmer and to reduce the anxiety. I have seen some of my friends but decided to prohibit myself to drink or to take any other substances. It has been fun, and I have enjoyed their company, but not fully as expected. Also, it is my exam week at university now, so I’ve faced some stress and lots of hours in front of the computer working, which has hurt my eyes often.

I think visuals have decreased: I have not taken any med or special food yet. Just zero alcohol, coffee, soda, and less sugar. Maybe I am getting used to them, do not know. Generally, I feel better, I am capable now of driving, working out and doing pretty much everything I used to. Anxiety is hard sometimes and think I had a D/P episode during the week. But resting, eating well and staying home have helped me to relax.

Curiously, I have been told about another HPPD case in my family. Apparently, a cousin had an episode with a hallucinogen and has struggled with the condition for more than two years now. Her case was especially harsh: she stayed in a hospital for more than a month, had to remain home for over a year and has been taken meds since. I hope I can talk to her soon and know more about her experience and some conclusions to face the condition.

Lately I have found some keys to battle this and they resulted useful. Journaling. It has helped a lot with my memory issues. Also sleeping at least eight hours. Trying to program something interesting the next morning, so I wake up with more enthusiasm every day. I talk more about my condition now than before. I guess soon or later everyone on my social circle are going to find out, so I do not mind about sharing with them myself. Some have understood it better than others, but everyone has been great with me.

I cannot be anything but thankful. Things are looking better by now, and despite the ups and downs, guess I have been able to be more present and happy about what I got. Blessings to everyone and keep the great work up.


Sincerely, Marco

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